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Hello, and welcome to the Vulcan Cylinder Record Company website. 

Vulcan manufactures new, hard-wearing, plastic cylinder records designed to be played on original Edison and Columbia phonographs.

We have a range of records in 2-minute, 4-minute and Concert formats, including both re-releases of early cylinder recordings and new acoustic material.  If you know our products and simply wish to order, please go directly to the Order Form.  If you would like to know more about each record, then please visit our Product Catalogue.  News of our latest title releases can be found on the News page.

Having your own material recorded on cylinder may be an exciting possibility for you.  If so, please visit the Custom Cylinders page to find out more.  You will find there examples of some custom projects we have undertaken.

We are more than happy to provide advice, expertise and resources for television, radio and film work as well as for educational purposes.  Pleasecontact us to discuss your needs.

Our FAQ page will help if you are unsure of such things as what records to play on your phonograph or whether we can deliver to your region, etc, and the Links page has a list of all sorts of useful people and places to go to if you want to purchase a phonograph or wax blanks, if your machine needs servicing or repair, or if you'd like to join a phonograph society near you, plus much more.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list for updates on future releases and other items of interest, please complete the contact form here.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our website.  Please take your time to get to know it all, and let us know immediately if you have any problems - we have done our best to make it an easy site to use.

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Collectible phonograph cylinder records
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